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5 Tips to Write an Impressive Blog

Writing a blog is in fashion these days. Every single person whether a student, professional, oldie or a housewife has a blog to express his/ her thoughts & skills. BlogSpot, Tumbler & Word press are the most common platforms for writing a blog and getting a presence in search engine. It is good to write a blog but few things are to be remembered, if you are writing not just to ‘Express’ but to ‘Impress’.
Following are the top 5 tips for a naïve writer to write an impressive blog –

  1. Language – Always prefer a language you are comfortable in. It is not compulsory to use English for creating an impression. If language is used poorly then it leaves a bad impact. Don’t let it happen with you. Make sure to use language as per your comfort. For instance, if you are comfortable in Hinglish then there is no harm in using it. Just be sure that you present your thoughts impressively in your preferred language and your words create an everlasting impact on the minds of the readers. Avoid grammatical errors in every possible way. Don’t use random words from thesaurus and substitute them just to make your blog decorative. As in all possibility these words might not be suitable in the particular sentence. Always be precautious while using a new word and don’t forget to check its proper usage.
  2. Story – Try to weave a story while presenting your thoughts, it helps to keep the reader engaged till the end. Stories are always fascinating and help in building the interest and suspense. When you master the art of writing short stories in your blog, you will certainly catch & retain the good audience for your blog.
  3. Facts & Figures – If your blog post requires facts & figures to establish the plot then don’t miss them at all. Sometimes statistics speak louder than words. Also mention the source for credibility. When we say India is a country of ‘unity in diversity’ it’s a plain layman statement but when we say ‘India has over 1,652 recognized spoken languages (According to the 1961 census) and at present it has 22 official languages’, it portrays larger than life image and makes it more impactful. These facts & figures are sometimes helpful for a reader who is seeking them for some research; after all, internet is majorly a medium for seeking information.
  4. Pictures – Attractive images are required to catch the attention of the reader and enhance the beauty of the blog. You might have heard a common phrase, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ and to establish this fact ‘Mona Lisa’ is the best example. This painting is the most talked about, the most visited, the most written about, the most sung about, the most parodied work of art in the world. So, try to use attractive and relevant images for explaining the thoughts, portraying the story and beautifying the blog.
  5. One Liners – If you want to seize a space in reader’s mind, one liner is very important. It is but obvious that a whole blog cannot be remembered by the reader but one liner is something which creates a permanent space in his mind, this is the only thing which he actually takes away from your blog. The same will compel him to visit your blog again and again in the urge of some more witty and creative puns. So, try to master this art. It is good sign of healthy sarcasm & wittiness.

Hope these tips will help you to write an impressive blog. Keep reading this space to know more updates of digital world and blogging.

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