100 ways to generate leads

100 Smart Ways to Generate More Leads for Your Business

I’ve shortlisted high-value, low-investment lead generation hacks for you (READ no blogging or advertising).


Let’s roll..

1. CTA in email signature

2. Hello Bar on website

3. Webinars hosted on other platforms

4. Pay with a tweet or Pay with a post

5. Sign up form above the fold

6. Share plugins on thank you page

7. Downloadable blog posts as PDFs

8. Free ebooks

9. Free online courses

10. Online courses as drip campaigns

11. Periodic newsletters

12. Side-projects and calculators

13. Typeform-based surveys and tools

14. High-value content sharing on social groups

15. Public slack communities

16. Quora Q&As

17. Reddit threads

18. LinkedIn conversations

19. Speaking at events

20. Collaborations with co-working spaces

21. Targeted job portals like AngelList

22. Pre-product polls

23. Pre-launch offers and discounts

24. Bundled product offers

25. A/B testing everything

26. Crisp, digest-able, short video content

27. Community-based Discount coupons

28. Referral campaigns

29. Live chat bots

30. Personal social media profile updates

31. SlideShares

32. Medium blogs with CTAs

33. Self-managed community-building

34. Testimonal-driven product promos

35. Early stage feedback funnels

36. Longer-tail, narrow-targeted keywords

37. Re-targeting

38. LeadForensics tool to discover visitors

39. LinkedIn Sales Navigator CRM Integration

40. Growbots tool AI for Sales

41. Hunter for Chrome

42. Infographics as guest posts

43. Guest blogging

44. Social interviews

45. Facebook Live Q&As

46. Twitter Chats

47. Unbounce testing and optimisation

48. Google Form-based Questionnaires

49. Searching public tweets

50. Public lead-gathering posts on FB groups

51. Other People’s FB groups

52. Other People’s Whatsapp groups

53. Other People’s tweets

54. Other People’s blog comments

55. Other People’s FB ads

56. Free demos and trials

57. Facebook Events

58. ProductHunt launches

59. Free explainer videos

60. Guest podcasting

61. Competitor’s Twitter support handle

62. Competitor’s Twitter followers

63. Facebook messenger bots

64. Web scraping directories

65. Replying to other people’s email campaigns

66. Attending meetups

67. Other People’s Twitter lists

68. Micro-influencer marketing

69. Business features in magazines

70. SumoMe based CRO

71. Heavy-content FAQs sections with contact infos

72. Publish a chrome extension

73. Infographic-based content re-purposing

74. Skype interviews with industry leaders

75. LinkedIn InMails Outreach

76. ‘Feel bad’ pop-ups

77. Bribing email subscribers

78. The commitment checkbox

79. Removing landing page navigation

80. Competitor comparison info and page

81. Branded physical gifts

82. How-to webinars

83. Incentivizing inactive users with free add-ons

84. Custom GIF publishing and sharing

85. Subscription-based VIP memberships

86. Hashtag monitoring for new conversations

87. Click-to-tweet quotes

88. IP Address based lead tracking

89. Exit-intent pop-ups on website

90. Strong verb based headlines

91. Repurpose blogs on LinkedIn Publisher

92. Email ID in Social Bios

93. Co-branded content

94. Content shares by Influencers using Outreach

95. Shared Google Doc Templates

96. Affiliate marketing

97. Free Excel Worksheets and templates

98. BuiltWith based lead databases

99. Free consultation sessions

100. Free audits​

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